Dress code and recommendation when visit Thailand

Most of Thai people are Buddhist people. Thai language is an official language in Thailand.

Travellers will be required to dress properly and appropriately according to the season when visit Grand Palace and Temples in Thailand. Sleeveless shirts, shorts, legging (tight) or ripped pants and scarfs are NOT allowed. We also recommended to bring hats, sun lotion, cameras and comfortable walking shoes with socks due to we mostly walk outside the palace and temple area. Besides, travellers will be required to take shoes off before enter the temple hall and travellers will not be allowed to raise their feet to the face of Buddha images.

For the weather in Thailand. March to July is Summer time, while August to November is Rainy season and December to February is Winter time.

While traveling in Thailand,ravellers will need to have Thai Baht cash. Some local vendors will not accepted credit card and online payment. Approximate exchange rate is 1 USD = 31 Thai Baht. And we recommend to keep your valuable items including passport, jewellery and big amount of cash in the safety box of your hotel even though generally it is safe traveling in Thailand.

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